Japan 31 Sense of Harmony


Herb Blend

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Tasting Notes

Look & feel: green (lemongrass), light yellow (apple) and yellow (marigold petals).
Aroma: fresh citrus and powerful spices
Infusion: light yellow
Taste: a combination of spices and fresh citrus notes that remind you of the Japanese Yuzu fruit.

For people who like a delicious fresh and fruity taste.


The delicious flavor of the Japanese Yuzu fruit is a true inspiration behind the composition of herbs in this blend.

The herbs themselves come from different countries, as importing herbs from Japan is very complex / almost impossible due to large differences in pesticide legislation.

Put/Serve Advice


Water: 100°C
Tea: 2g / 1 tsp per cup (150 ml)
Infusion: 5 minutes

Storage advice: keep cool, dry, light and airtight


Herbal Blend*:

Guava pieces, Lemon balm, Apple pieces, Lemongrass, Ginger, Mate green, Sweet blackberry leaves, Apple mint, Lemon myrtle, Citrus peels, Marigold leaves, Flavors.

* Low caffeine