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Life is a journey…

It all began in beautiful faraway Sri Lanka. Staring at the rock Sigirya there was a moment of reflection. No house, no car, no furniture, no job … no certainties. To each his own thought. Intensely enjoying the peace, freedom and all the beauty around us. This combined with the delicious smells and flavors of the land. An adventure, an unforgettable experience and the beginning of a new way of life.

‘Our journey is our destiny’

We would like to share this with the world around us.

Soolong is about a conscious way of living. For yourself and those around you. But also about discovering new experiences and connecting smells and tastes. About enjoyment. Because in today’s time, we sometimes forget that; enjoy. In the delusion of the day, days, months and even years fly by.

When a life event adjusts your life compass

But sometimes something happens in your life that makes you make different choices. Suddenly you realize that it is better to regret the things you have done than the things you have not done. Or still want to do! Being totally at one with yourself, following your heart and never putting anything off again. And most valuable…. Finding a deep sense of what you want to do for this world.

If we assume for a moment that we can’t take anything with us … it might be better to look at what we can give and leave behind. It became our mission to give something back to the world by inspiring people. To open eyes to all the beautiful places the world has to offer, experience new flavors and enjoy life.

Our trip around the world literally and figuratively started in Sri Lanka. A beautiful country, with delicious cuisine and incredibly kind people. A spontaneous meeting with two Sri Lankans, degenerated into a friendship of many years and an intense passion for tea. Thus arose the first step toward “Soolong.

‘Because there is soo much more to sense, see, taste and enjoy!’

‘Soolong’ not only means ‘goodbye’, oolong is also a delicious tea variety that many people are not yet familiar with. For us, therefore, it represents “discovering something new. This, along with our life mission “to give something back to the world,” is reflected in our four product lines:

. Living consciously, for yourself and those around you, because there is “Soo Much More To Sense.

. Being open to discovering something new, because there is “Soo Much More To See.

. Connecting scents and flavors, because there is “Soo Much More To Taste.

. Enjoy life, because there is “Soo Much More To Enjoy.

In addition to our four product lines, we also want to give something back to the world with
Foundation Aid 1 to 1
. A foundation to whom we donate a portion of our sales to support charities in the country of origin. As soon as you drink our tea you automatically contribute to the shared mission of giving something back to the world.

Only together do we make a difference! Soo enjoy.


Emiel & Nicoline


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