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Welcome to the world of Soolong

Life is a journey…

It all began in beautiful faraway Sri Lanka. Staring at the rock Sigirya there was a moment of reflection. No house, no car, no furniture, no job … no certainties. To each his own thought. Intensely enjoying the peace, freedom and all the beauty around us.

This combined with the delicious smells and flavors of the land. An adventure, an unforgettable experience and the beginning of a new way of life.

Our journey is our destiny…. We would like to share this with the world around us.

Soolong is about a conscious way of living. For yourself and those around you. But also about discovering new experiences, connecting smells and tastes and, above all, about enjoyment.

‘Because there is soo much more to sense, see, taste and enjoy!’

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A donation from ONE to ONE & HEART to HEART

Malawi. The warm heart of Africa and also one of the poorest countries in the world.

A little boy with an empty Coke bottle ran toward us. The glass bottle was broken at the top. He begged. Not for money or water, but for our empty plastic water bottles!

He then ran six kilometers up the hill with his friends to fill their empty water bottles at the water supply. This touched us deeply in our hearts. So one thing we knew for sure when we started our company. We would like to give something back to the world.

Maybe we can’t change the world, but we believe we can change the world for one person.

We donate a portion of our sales to the Aid1to1 Foundation. This is how we support small-scale projects in the country of origin, where we source our products.

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