Everyone deserves a dignified existence

In 2018, it was estimated that about 3.4 billion people (about half of the world’s population) live under extreme poverty (source: RTLZ / World Bank). That’s one in two people. In the current era of COVID, this is only increasing. We believe that everyone in the world has the right to a dignified existence and would like to contribute to that.

What we do

Aid1to1 Foundation supports charities, which contribute to a dignified existence, in the country of origin where Soolong purchases its products. Through Soolong’s donations, Aid1to1 is able to ensure continuity.

Examples include small-scale projects focused on:

  1. Care
  2. Training
  3. Shelter
  4. Food supply

How we operate

It is important to us that all donations reach their destination directly and do not get lost in the world of bureaucracy. We accomplish this based on four principles:

1. Concrete, small-scale projects

Concrete means tangible projects. Consider supplying a gynecologist treatment chair to a local hospital, an autoclave, clean needles. But also a scholarship for children so they can go to school, or shelter for people who lost everything during a war situation. By taking on small-scale concrete projects, it is manageable.

2. Volunteers

CEOs of large non-governmental organizations (NGOs) earning extreme salaries … that does not fit our foundation’s thinking. After all, it is not for what goes around. What makes Aid 1 to 1 Foundation unique is that everyone within our foundation works on a volunteer basis. Helping others must come from your heart.

3. Collaboration

No bureaucracy, working efficiently and also achieving our goals can only be done by working together and not reinventing the wheel. Together, we achieve more. For this reason, we cooperate with other foundations/NGOs as much as possible.

4. Transparency

Our process is completely transparent. That is, we take the donor through the process from donation to connecting smiles of the needy. This allows the donor to track exactly what happens to his/her donation and what it is spent on.

Help from donor to recipient – aid one to one!

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