Soolong Ice Tea Set – Mint and Lemon


An original gift or make your own ice tea. Take advantage of more than 15% off now.

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Make your own iced tea in 5 minutes or give an original gift.

Pure and healthy, super quick and homemade.

Ice tea set consisting of:
– Soolong No. 21 Malawi Sense Detox: refreshing herbal tea with mint and lemon. Hand-picked and direct trade. 60 Gram loose tea in durable designer tin;
– 2x Soolong Teapot Original, glass – 1500ml;
– 1x Soolong Tea Filter Double Handle, Stainless Steel
– 4x Trendy ice tea glass – 400ml – with twist top and stainless steel straw;
– Ice tea recipe, see recipes.

With these products, you can brew 1200-1500ml of delicious iced tea in no time. Fresh & Pure.

Soolong, soo easy! Enjoy.

Tasting Notes

Look & feel: green (lemongrass and mint), purple (cornflowers)
Aroma: citrus and mint
Infusion: light yellow
Taste: fresh spicy flavor of lemongrass and mint

For anyone who likes the fresh taste of lemongrass and mint


Origin: Malawi, Africa
Region: Shire Highlands, Southern Malawi

The fresh lemongrass and hint of mint in this delicious herbal blend are hand-picked and artisanally processed on a plantation in the Shire Highlands of Malawi (Africa).

Put/Serve Advice


Water: 100-C
Tea: 2g / 2 tsp per cup (150 ml) – 4g/4 tsp per cup (teamaker 400ml) – 14g/14tl (soolong teapot original 1500 ml)
Infusion: 5 minutes

Note: For ice tea, halve the amount of boiling water, see ice tea recipes.

Storage advice: keep cool, dry, light and airtight


Herbal Blend*:
Lemongrass, Green mint, Barley grass, Lemon balm, Dandelion root, Nettle leaves, Sweet blackberry leaves, Cornflower leaves

* Contains no caffeine
* Dandelion contributes to internal cleansing and supports digestion.
The health effect has not yet been officially established. A healthy lifestyle is important as is a balanced, varied diet.