Oolong Tea

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Oolong tea, like black and green tea, is a traditional type of tea, but there is so much more to discover “There is soo much more to discover”.

Depending on the degree of oxidation, the taste of lightly oxidized oolongs tends to be green tea and of heavily oxidized oolongs tends to be black tea. As you can imagine, there is a huge variety among them, from the typical nutty to delightfully floral characters. Therefore, let yourself be surprised by the wonderful palette of flavors of our delicious oolongs.

Tasting Notes

Look & Feel: dark colored pearls
Aroma: earthy with grate aroma
Infusion: yellow-brown infusion
Taste: earthy, sweet, mineral, soft fruit.

For people who like a heavier more pronounced flavor.


Origin: China
Region: Wuhan
Province: Hubei

This delicious oolong comes from Wuhan the capital of Hubei province in China. From the late 17th century, during the Qing Dynasty, Wuhan was the starting point of the tea trade route to Mongolia. This trade route was also called the “Camel Route of the grasslands” or the “Sino-Russian Ten-Thousand-Li Tea Road” of modern China. This trade route is not as well known as the Silk Road, but may explain why Hubei is now one of the top three most producing tea regions in China.

Put/Serve Advice


Water: 100°C
Tea: 2g / 1 tsp per cup (150 ml)
Infusion: 2 minutes

Storage advice: Store in a cool, dry, light and airtight place.


Oolong tea dark oxidized*

* Contains caffeine