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Sencha Green Tea with Herbs

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Tasting Notes

Look & feel: mix of fresh colors needle-like green leaves
Aroma: fresh, grass
Infusion: yellow
Taste: fresh, vegetal, slight notes of umami.

For people who like green tea with a refreshing taste.


Origin Sencha green tea: Japan

Japan is known for the quality of its pure green teas. This exclusive green Sencha blend from Japan therefore has a delicious vegetal flavor and is in perfect harmony with the other ingredients in this blend.

Put/Serve Advice


Water: 80-C
Tea: 2g / 1 tsp per cup (150 ml)
Infusion: 2-5 minutes

If you want to accentuate the mild flavor of green tea, set the temperature around 70-C. If you want to put more emphasis on the herbs in the green tea, brew the tea around 80-C and lengthen the duration of the infusion.

Storage advice: keep cool, dry, light and airtight


Green tea with herbs*:
Sencha Green Tea 50%, Apple pieces, Lemongrass, Lime tree blossoms, Lime tree leaves, Sweet blackberry leaves, Marigold petals, Herbal oil, Natural citrus aroma

* Contains caffeine