35 Japan Matcha Hotaru Beginners


Matcha Hotaru, beginner quality

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Never drunk matcha before? Then this is a perfect matcha to start with. This matcha is great to use in dishes and healthy smoothies.

Tasting Notes

Look & feel: bright green powder
Aroma: slightly bitter (vegetal)
Infusion: bright green
Taste: aromatic and a typical Matcha (umami*) flavor.


Origin: Japan

This matcha comes from Japan. Matcha’s history actually begins in China around the Song dynasty (960-1279). At the time, it was quite common to make powdered tea from steamed tea leaves. Zen Buddhists from Japan came across matcha during their travels and introduced it to Japan.

The tea plants used for matcha are shaded with cloths about three weeks before harvesting. As a result, the tea plant produces extra chlorophyll, and the more chlorophyll the greener the tea and the sweeter the taste.

Matcha is considered a special and exclusive drink not only because it is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals but also because this tea has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.


Its complex savory umami* flavor does great in healthy smoothies and mocktails.

Put/Serve Advice

Water: 70°C
Matcha: 1 g /ts per 80ml
Infusion: whisk until it foams intensely (1-3 minutes)


Japanese Green Tea / Matcha (powder) 30g

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