Malawi 23 Taste Steamy


Steamed Green Tea

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Tasting Notes

Look & Feel: beautifully rolled dark green tea leaves
Aroma: vegetal
Infusion: golden yellow
Taste: vegetal (grass), slightly dry mouthfeel

For people who like a pure vegetal taste.


Origin: Malawi, Africa
Region: Thyolo, Shire Highlands in Southern Malawi

A unique tea plantation in the Shire Highlands of Malawi (Africa) where special quality teas are hand picked and immediately steamed resulting in a unique soft vegetal flavor.


This deeply steamed green tea has a delicious vegetal flavor with a slightly dry mouthfeel.
Pair the tea with a sweet dish experience a magical taste sensation. The slightly dry mouthfeel fades into the background, allowing the gently vegetal and slightly sweet character of dried stone fruit to emerge more fully.

If you are striving for a healthier lifestyle, choose sweet dishes preferably without sugar or with less sugar. For example, if you would still like a combination with chocolate, opt for chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 65%. In fact, chocolate with a high cocoa content usually contains less sugar.

Put/Serve Advice


Water: 70-C – 80-C
Tea: 2g / 1 tsp per cup (150 ml)
Infusion: 2 minutes

Some people find green tea tastes bitter. A green tea does not actually taste bitter from its own, but if you brew a green tea with boiling water (100-C) then the green tea often becomes bitter. It is best to brew a green tea at 70-C a 80-C. If you don’t have a kettle with an adjustable temperature, you can also take 1/3 cold water and top up the rest with boiling water.

Storage advice: keep cool, dry, light and airtight


Steamed green tea*

* Contains caffeine