Letterbox Gift Sinterklaas Tea & Chocolate Letter Pure


A tasteful letterbox gift from St. Nicholas. A delicious loose oolong tea, paper tea filters with stick and an artisan chocolate letter (dark/100g small).

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Hear who knocks there…..

Surprise your staff, associates and/or loved ones with a warm letterbox gift from St. Nicholas.

During these cold days, let them enjoy a silky oolong tea (100g)*, combined with an artisan chocolate letter (dark, small 100g).

Top quality from the Saint. Feasting, then.

– Refillbag China Taste Silky: oolong tea slightly oxidized;
– Tea filters 50pcs incl 1 stick, paper, unbleached, compostable;
– Artisan chocolate letter S Pure (Small/100g)

*Oolong tea, like black and green tea, is a traditional type of tea, but there is so much more to discover “There is soo much more to discover.”

Depending on the degree of oxidation, the taste of lightly oxidized oolongs tends to be green tea and of heavily oxidized oolongs tends to be black tea. As you can imagine, there is a huge variety among them, from the typical nutty to delightfully floral characters. So be surprised by the wonderful palette of flavors of this delicious oolong tea.


Origin: China
Region: Wuhan
Province: Hubei

This delicious oolong comes from Wuhan, the starting point of the tea trade route to Mongolia. However, the most famous trade route is surely the Silk Route. The silk-like taste of this delicious oolong, reminds you of the ancient Silk Route, along which for many centuries trade was conducted between China and the East of Asia, Middle East and the Mediterranean on the other side.

The artisan chocolate letter is manufactured in the Netherlands.

Put/Serve Advice


Water: 100°C
Tea: 2g / 1 tsp per cup (150 ml)
Infusion: 2 minutes

Storage advice: Store cool, dry, light and airtight.



Oolong tea slightly oxidized.

* Contains caffeine

Chocolate Letter Pure (100g/small):
Minimum cocoa solids dark chocolate 60.1%

Ingredients: sugar cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor.
May contain traces of: Peanuts
Nutritional values: Energy 2163.00 kJ/517 kcal, Fats 34.21g,- of which saturated 18.32g, Carbohydrates 44.75g,- of which sugars 41.12g. Dietary fiber 1.60g Protein 5.93g, Salt 0.16g